E-learning &
Education Software
Automate and channelize every aspect of your learning process and built quality learning and educational solutions to satisfy all learner and faculty needs.

What is E-learning and Education Software?

E-learning and education software is a custom web application that aims to simplify the tedious work of the education sector. It is a one-stop solution for all the IT and engineering service providers that deal in the education industry. With our expert developers, we help you to develop and deploy various powerful and effective modules that are helpful to both the students and the faculty as well.
We, at LJ Web, leverage robust and modern technologies like AI, ML, and Big Data to deliver a complete package for the education industry. From e-classrooms and online learning portals, to educational chatbots and virtual examination services, we help you develop everything to satisfy your organization’s needs.

Our Custom Education & E-learning Software Services

Machine Learning Chatbots

Our experts provide unmatchable services in the domain of machine learning to make smarter and efficient chatbot with real-time understanding of the student’s and the faculty's issues and enhancing their knowledge with time.

Learning Based Website Chatbots

Facebook Based Service Chatbots

Personalized Training Sessions

Education Application Development

On-Demand Apps

We, at LJ Web, deliver cost-effective and fully customizable on-demand web and mobile-based applications that come with all the personalized modules and features to satisfy all your educational organization’s needs.

Educational Gaming Apps

Personalized Modules

Video and Live Streaming App Development

Teaching Apps for Faculties

AR/VR Based Web Solutions

Unlock the true potential of AR, VR and cloud computing technologies to develop and deploy interactive learning solutions that helps the students to learn in a more efficient and memorable way.

Lab-based VR Apps

Tutorials on Each Subject

Smooth Mobile Access

Instant Sharing and Feedback

Content Sharing Applications

A dedicated online application that allows the students, faculties, and the management to seamlessly exchange the content and other vital information from one system to another without any losses and disturbances.

Online Classes and Content

Seamless Data Sharing

Easy Data Access

Student’s Information and Reports

Training Portals

A dedicated portal especially built for the marketers and the faculty members to enhance their knowledge over a specific subject or concept and develop teaching and management skills over time.

Online Learning Modules

Team Tracking

Online Tests and Assessment

Personalized Learning Plans

Our Education & E-Learning App Development Specialities

Being an education and e-learning app development company, we specialize in building complex learning apps that help leading education providers across the globe.

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Learning Management Systems

A powerful software application to manage and organize documents, and administration related tasks and to deliver educational courses, and training programs efficiently.

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E-Learning Solutions

A robust software with user-friendly features to help individual learners, faculties, management, corporates, and students extract maximum output without much effort.

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Custom ERP Software

ERP solutions for educational institutes to carry out their day-to-day functions with much more ease and efficiency like payroll management, student management, teacher’s portal, etc.

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AI-based Learning App

AI-based mobile application to facilitate quick learning for the students and teachers, to conduct online exams and solve various other problems of the students via app.

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Content Authoring Software

Generate specific information for your users and allow them to share files easily and effectively using custom content authoring software built specifically for the education sector.

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Student Information System

A robust platform that provides all the information related to a particular student and helps you to streamline and manage your daily management operations.

Custom E-learning Software Development Made Simple

Progress Tracking

Positive Experience



Up-to-date Information

Quick Access

Effective Learning Experience

Comfortable Digital Classroom

Time Saving

Updated Educational Material