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Leverage advanced healthcare solutions powered by the latest technologies to automate and manage various facets of your healthcare organization.

What are Healthcare Solutions?

Technology is transforming the medicine sector at a striking rate. By employing the combination of the latest technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and Cloud Solutions and state-of-the-art mobile app development and web app development techniques, the healthcare sector is getting more advanced every year and is progressing towards a more patient-centric care environment.
As a leading healthcare solution development company, LJ Web has years of experience in developing enterprise-level healthcare solutions and smartphone apps for catering to various personal fitness and wellness related endeavors. With the help of our expert developers and designers, LJ Web provides top-of-the-line custom healthcare software development services that streamline enterprise processes and make an institution more efficient.

Healthcare Service Expertise

Healthcare App Development Services

Build sophisticated and standard-compliant telehealth solutions to harness the potential of healthcare mobility.

Healthcare app consulting

App UI/ UX services

Healthcare app maintenance

App backend development

Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

Automate your processes and make the overall workflow more efficient with software solutions tailored to your needs.

Solution consulting

System upgradations

Solution integrations

Dedicated digital health software

Healthcare Product Engineering

From ideation to deployment, we are by your side to assist you with solution architecting, development, quality assurance, and deployment.

Research and planning

Rapid prototyping

Legacy system modernization

Integration, reporting and analytics

Healthcare IoT and Wearables Solutions

Stimulate round-the-clock patient care to drive engagement and loyalty with the delivery of best care services.

NFC-based IoT Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

Connected Medical Devices & Wearables

IoT Medical Device Integration

Wearables App Development

Virtual Assistance (Patients and Providers)

Healthcare Data Science and BI Solutions

Unleash the potential of your healthcare services with personalized and informed patient care by utilizing huge volumes of healthcare data.

Smart diagnosis

Precision medicine

Medical image analysis

Patient data management

Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

Utilize evolving blockchain technology to foster smarter and highly secured healthcare products and services.

Advisory Services & Programs

Strategic Blockchain Assessments

Healthcare Blockchain Consulting

Custom Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Integration Services

Custom Healthcare Solutions

Wide Range of Healthcare Software Development Services to Choose From

Healthcare App Development

Take your healthcare services to the next level with healthcare apps that enable robust patient care.

Healthcare CRM Software

Streamline data of your organization with a dedicated patient relationship management software.

e-Prescription Software

Error-free prescription generation and hassle-free sharing with efficient e-prescription software.

Pharmacy Management Software

Manage your pharmacy better with an easy-to-use pharmacy management software solution.

Electronic Health Record Software

Foster personalized patient care with secure, seamless, and dynamic EHR software for you.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Medical billing software that tracks patient episodes from registration to appointments to payments.

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